Sublime’s Shorties Combine Distillate and Live Resin for Maximum Potency

Smaller but mighty pre-rolls are perfect for a quick high

Sublime today announced the launch of its latest product – Shorties Fuzzies. At 40%+ THC potency, Shorties are Sublime’s strongest product yet.

Sublime’s Fuzzies pre-rolls are the best-selling joints on the California market, according to cannabis analytics firm Headset. The company continues to build on their popularity by offering more options for different consumers. Shorties are similar to the original Fuzzies in that they are dipped in oil and rolled in kief, but they are also infused with live resin and cannabis concentrate for extra flavor and potency. Each Shortie is 0.7 grams total and are available in packs of five pre-rolls as well as singles. The five packs are available now. Shorties singles will be available for sale on Dec. 1.

“Shorties Fuzzies have everything consumers love from our original Fuzzies, plus live resin,” Sublime Director of Sales and Marketing Stan Wong said. “This perfect combination of ingredients provides a great tasting pre-roll, with our highest potency yet at 40%+ THC. Shorties are a mini preroll – perfect for quick high.”

In addition to Shorties, Sublime manufactures and distributes its original infused Fuzzies pre-rolls, Naked Fuzzies pre-rolls, Hash-Infused Fuzzies pre-rolls, Roll Your Own pre-ground infused cannabis flower, as well as distillate and live resin vape cartridges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed down the demand for cannabis. Customers have been stocking up on cannabis, alcohol and tobacco products, according to BDS Analytics, a cannabis research firm. Cannabis sales in California are estimated to surpass $6 billion in 2025, which will account for a sixth of all cannabis sales in the U.S. Last year, the legal California market brought in $3.1 billion.

Sublime products are available at dispensaries and delivery services throughout California.


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