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Fuzzies pre-rolls are as potent as your soul, smooth as your style, with flavor that is consistently satisfying. Dress it up with kief or go Naked and bare it all. Lift off and get high with infused distillate, or feel smooth and taste the difference with live resin. Live your life King-sized or in Mini moments. Light up, inhale, feel Fuzzie.


40%+ THC

3.5 grams (5 pk) / 0.7 g (1 pk)

Shorties pack a mighty high. Flower-infused with live resin distillate, rolled in cannabis concentrate, and generously coated in kief.

hash-infused fuzzies

30%+ THC

2.4 grams (3 pk) / 0.8g per joint

For quick, enjoyable highs. Infused with premium hash, rolled in cannabis concentrate, and generously coated in kief.
Sativa - Maui Wowie
Hybrid - AK-47
Indica - Zkittlez

King & Mini Fuzzies

26%+ THC

1.5 grams (1pk) / 2.4 grams (3 pk)

Perfect for your daily enjoyment, the flower in King and Mini Fuzzies are infused with premium distillate and terps, rolled in cannabis concentrate, and generously coated in kief.  

Sativa - Super Silver Haze
Hybrid - Wedding Cake
Indica - OG Kush


22%+ THC

3.5 grams (5 pk) / 1.5 g (1 pk)

For a calm, relaxed, level-headed finish. The flower in these Fuzzies is infused with premium distillate and terps, enhanced with rich CBD oils, rolled in cannabis concentrate, and generously coated in kief.

Hybrid CBD Enriched - Blue Dream

naked fuzzies with live resin

22%+ THC

3.5 grams (5 pk) / 0.7 grams per joint

The flower in Naked Fuzzies is infused with live resin for a tasty, mellow high. Get Naked & feel Fuzzie.


22%+ THC

3.5 grams (5 pk) / 0.7 grams per joint

The flower in this Fuzzies pre-roll is infused with premium distillate for when you want to get a nice mellow high. Light up & feel Fuzzie.


Sublime's vape cartridges provide an intensely laid back, potently mellow experience in an affordable, "dab-like" pull. Take in the consistent flavor of smooth, sweet cannabinoids, and proprietary terpenes through refined glass tips. Use your own mod or our Sublime Sneaker battery, a simple all-in-one pen for discreet and on-the-go vaping.


90%+ THC

These full spectrum distillate carts will take you higher and higher. Enjoy endless summers in Malibu, or be the life of the party in Rio, There’s a Sublime cartridge that’s right for your taste buds.

Tokyo - Sativa - Green Goddess
Rio - Sativa/Hybrid - Sour Diesel
Malibu - Indica/Hybrid - Cookies
Harlem - Indica - Grandaddy Purple

Available Summer 2021
Vegas - Sativa - Super Silver Haze
Amsterdam - Hybrid - Pineapple Express
Paris - Indica - Purple Punch

LIVE RESIN sauce cartridge

75%+ THC

Our hand selected top strains are sure to impress your taste buds. Sublime live resin sauce cart is packed with natural cannabis flavors and cannabinoids, capturing the essence and taste of fresh cannabis. These full spectrum carts will have you coming back for more as you taste the difference.

Sneaker Battery

The Sublime Sneaker is ready when you are, wherever you are. This 510 thread battery plugs into any USB outlet so you can keep charge and stay high. This battery comes in 3 variable volt settings, perfect for discreet on-the-go vaping.


Roll-your-own Fuzzies are for the trailblazers. The self-starters. Aficionados of cannabis, like you. Our pre-ground infused flower pouches of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains let you take life by the joint. Just pick your mood, let it roll, then light up and feel Fuzzie.

Roll-your-own Fuzzies

25%+ THC

Our Roll-Your-Own Fuzzies infused pre-ground flower offers you the freedom to pack your paper, piece, or pipe just the way you like it. Enjoy all the potency and smooth taste of Fuzzies canna strains in every portable pouch.


20%+ THC

For those who like their high their way - in a pipe, a bong, a joint. You decide. Sublime flower is as potent as your soul, smooth as your style, with a high in tune with your mood.


Sublime is a leading full-service cannabis products manufacturer. We’ve perfected our manufacturing techniques to offer timely product development.


You come up with the idea, and we’ll formulate, manufacture, package, and deliver your brand to dispensaries in California.

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